Principal Desk

Our Mission is the institution endeavors to strive diligently, wisely and consciously for the overall desirable social change and harmonious development of youth through quality education and healthy interaction.

The College provides instruction in facilities of Arts and Science leading up to Bachelor and postgraduate. Our past graduate students are in the field of last five years. At the postgraduate level, there BA performance is the criteria for admission to M.A. courses. Our young, experienced and enthusiastic team of teachers is always keen to help and guide the students to achieve the highest standard of performance. They are well qualified both in academic and practical terms. This obviously ensures smooth and efficient learning environment.

Most of teachers are engages for Minor and Major research project sanctioned by University Grants Commission and S.R.T.M. University, Nanded. Our success lies in the support, which we have raised from our students and the community. It is our endeavor to upgrade our existing facilities, go in for job oriented courses to supplement traditional courses. The students are actively participated in research festival, N.S.S., Sports and various activities in the college and University level. It is also our endeavor to provide access to the rural students and first generation learners who are otherwise left unattended.

We encourage our students to realize their potential and make them equipped in all ways to face the challenges of the present the competition world. The brilliant past students of this college working at Science and Technology, Business, Administration, Teaching Police and Banking sectors.

We are confident that when you meet our students with a view to engage them in their esteemed and promising potential human resource.

Dr. V. Y. Sonawane