Departmental Overview :

Department of Microbiology is one of the earliest department established by G.S.P.M., B. Raghunath College, Parbhani in June 2001.It is one of the best department conducting student centric activities exclusively such as microbiolympiad competition-microbiological contest, poster competition, wall paper publication, Avshkar research festival, microbiological essay competition and organization of students seminars. The faculty members are also engaged in research activity and participated in various seminars, Conferences to update their subject knowledge.

Intake Capacity :

The intake Capacity for B.Sc. First Year, Second Year And Third Year in the Subject Microbiology is 24.

Departmental activities:

  • Wall Paper Publication
  • Use Of ICT
  • In house projects
  • Organization of Seminar and Conferences\
  • Organization of excursion tour

Papers Offered by the Department (UG Level):

Sr.No. Class Semester Paper No. Paper Title
1 B.Sc.FY Sem. I Paper-I Introductory Microbiology
Paper-II  Microbiological Techniques
2 B.Sc. F.Y II Paper-III Basic Microbiology & Biomolecules
Paper-IV Microbial Physiology
3 B.Sc. S.Y III Paper-VI Applied Microbiology
Paper-VII Immunology
4 B.Sc. S.Y IV Paper-VIII Food, Soil microbiology & Microbial Ecology
Paper-IX Medical Microbiology
5 B.Sc. T.Y V Paper-XII Microbial Genetics
Paper-XIII Microbial Metabolism
6 B.Sc.T.Y. VI Paper-XIV Molecular Biology
Paper-XV Industrial Microbiology

Departmentals achivments :

Award/Prize of students
Sr.No. Name of student/students Details of prize / award
1. Ku. Dubbewar Seema & Ku. Mathpati Supriya B. Sc. Students received First Prize  in SRTM University, Nanded Sponsored District Level Avishkar Research Festival  Oct.,2012, held at Kamaltai Jamkar College, Parbhani.
2. Ku. DubbewarSeema& Ku. MathpatiSupriya B.Sc. Students received First Prize  in SRTM University, Nanded Sponsored University  Level Avishkar Research Festival Dec., 2012, held at Baliram Patil College, Kinwat Dist. Nanded.
3. Mr. PameKoushal , Ku. DubbewarShilpa& Ku. DubbewarShilpa B.Sc. T.Y. Students received Consolation Prize to poster entitled “Edible vaccines : A great  boon in medical Science” in State level Poster Competition on Recent Advances in agricultural biotechnology, on Feb., 2014, held at Nutan Mahavidyalaya, Selu.
4. Mr. Md. Urooj& Ku. DeshmukhPadmaja B.Sc. S.Y. Students received Consolation Prize to poster entitled “Cyanofuels : bioenergy of Tomorrow” in  Fourth State level Poster Competitionon Bioenergy ,on 27 Jan. 2016, held at D.S.M. College, Parbhani.
5. Ku. Patki Rutuja B.Sc. S.Y. Student received Fourth Prize to Essay entitled “Human Microbiome: In our inner Ecosystem” in State level Microbioslate Competition, on 09 Jan. 2017, organized by R.C.Patel ACS College, Shirpur, Dist. Dhule, MHARASHTRA
6. Mr. Md. Urooj, Ku. DeshmukhPadmaja& Miss. UzmaJabenShaikh B.Sc. T.Y. Students received Third Prize to poster entitled “Bioethanol Production from newspaper waste : A sustainable energy of tomorrow ” in  Fifth State level Poster Competitionon Bioenergy ,on 27 Jan. 2017, held at D.S.M. College, Parbhani.

Special Cases :

List the eminent persons visited to your department in details.

Sr.No. Name of Person Subject Date
  1.   Prof. Dr. A. M. Deshmukh President, Association of Microbiologists society in India(AMI), Ex. H.O.D., Department of Microbiology, Dr. B.A.M. University, Sub-Centre, Osmanabad),   Microbiology   26th Aug. 2015
  2.   Prof. Dr. P.S.Wakte Secretary, Association of Microbiologists society  in India(AMI), Head, Dept. of Microbiology, D.S.m. College, Parbhani)     Microbiology   26th Aug. 2015
  3.   Dr. MadhusudanSoni (Senior Scientist, USA)   Biochemistry & Nutrition   10th Dec. 2015

Faculty profile

Name Qualification Designation Specialization Experience Photo
Mr. S.Y.Rarhod M.Sc, M. Phil. Head & Assistant Professor General Microbiology 15 Years
Dr. Mrs. S.R.Mukkawar M.Sc., B.Ed.,Ph.D. Assistant Professor General Microbiology 18 Years


Total Number of Research Paper Published:

  1. S.Y.Rathod = Nil
  2. Mrs. S.R.Mukkawar = 05

Participation in Conference /Seminar/Symposia/Workshop (Year 2012-2018)

Name Regional/University State National International
Mr. S.Y.Rathod 01 06 00 00
Dr.Mrs. S.R.Mukkawar 01 07 06 02


Academic and Administrative Responsibilities


  • Member, Internal Squad for university examinations
  • Member, Science Association
  • Member, Internal Examiation of college
  • Member, for organisation of study tour
  • NSS programme officer

Dr. Mrs. S.R.Mukkawar

  • Chairman, Science Association
  • Member, Internal squad for university examinations
  • Member, cultural committee
  • Member for organization of study tour
  • Member of NSS committee
  • Member, student and staff welfare
  • Member, women development cell
  • Member for college internal examinations
  • Member, competitive examinations
  • Member, Student guidance cell
  • Member,Science association
  • Member of university examination committee

Awards / recognitions received by Faculty

Dr. Mrs. S.R.Mukkawar : Board of Studies Member in Microbiology of S.R.T.M. University, Nanded


Facilities Available

  • Well equipped laboratory
  • Departmental Library


Top Alumni

Sr. No. Name Department
1 Dr. Nitin M. Chauhan Senior Scientist in South Africa
2 Mr. Madhukar U. Alse Section Incharge of NAAC cell at S.R.T.M.U. Nanded
3 Mr. Koushal B.Pame H.M. of secondary school at Selu
4 Ku. Shilpa S. Dubbewar Teacher at High school, Parbhani


Student Enrichment Programmes :Guest Lectures

Resource persons :

  1. Dr. A.M.Deshmukh
  2. Dr. P.S.Wakte


Teaching methods


Sr. No. Faculty Teaching Methods
01 Mr. S.Y.Rathod Lecture
Computer Assisted
Power Point Templates Presentation
Group Discussion & Seminars
02 Dr. Mrs. S.R. Mukkawar Lecture
Computer Assisted
Power Point Templates Presentation
Group Discussion & Seminars

Future plans of the department. (Any three)

  • To submit proposal for research funding.
  • To organize state level seminars.
  • To arrange guest lectures of experts to update the knowledge of students.
  • To organize subject related excursion tours.