IQAC Committee

Internal Quality Assurance Cell

The IQAC plays a vital role in maintaining and enhancing the quality of the institution and suggests quality measures. Feedback from all the stakeholders and the recommendations of the IQAC are taken into consideration and innovations are incorporated in perspective plan. Student feedback mechanism, self appraisal by teachers, introduction of teachers training programmes, faculty improvement programmes, encouragement to teachers for research are some of the measures taken for at priority quality sustenance and enhancement as a strategy.

Committee Members:

Sr.No. Name Responsibility Designation Photo
 1  Prin.Dr.V.Y.Sonawane  Chairman  Principal
 2  Dr.G.S. Kousadikar  Coordinator  Head,Departmentof English
 3  Dr.G.M.Upade  Member  Head, Department of Philosophy
 4  Dr. R.S.Deshmukh  Member  Head, Department of Botany
 5  Dr. B.P.Shendge  Member  Head, Department of Geography
 6  Dr. Mrs. H.D. Makne  Member  Asst. Prof. Department of Zoology
 7  Dr. Mr Arshiya Parveen  Member  Asst. Prof. Department of Chemistry
 8 Dr. V.P. Navander Member Management Representative
 9 Dr. A.D.Sarnaik Member External Expert, Director , YCMOU, Nanded Region
 10 Mr. B.D.Armal Member Non-Teaching Representative
 11 Mr. S.T.Sherkar Member Alumni Representative
 12 Mr. Satish Anwate Member Student Representative