Departmental Overview:

Department ofEconomics is one of the earliest department established by G.S.P.M., B. Raghunath College, Parbhani in June 2000.It is one of the best department conducting student centric activities exclusively such as seminars, wallpaper presentations, open book examination, wall paper publication, etc. The faculty members are also engaged in research activity and participated in various seminars, Conferences to update their subject knowledge.

Intake Capacity:The intake Capacity for B.A.First Year, Second Year and Third Year in the Subject Economics is 24.

Departmental activities:

Wall Paper Publication

Use of ICT

Organization of Seminar and Conferences

Organization of open book examination


Faculty profile

Name Qualification Designation Specialization Experience Photo
Dr. S. C. Mehetre M.A., Ph.D. Head &Assistant Professor Banking 15 Years
Mr. Rathod B. S. M.A., M.Phil. Assistant Professor Rural Development 14 Years  

Total Number of Research PaperPublished:

Dr. S. C. Mehetre =  11

Participation in Conference /Seminar/Symposia/Workshop (Year 2012-2018)

Name Regional/University State National International
Dr. S. C. Mehetre 03 02 10
Mr. Rathod B. S. 02 01 01

Academic and Administrative Responsibilities

Dr. S. C. Mehetre

  • Chairman , Alumni Association Committee
  • Member, Prospectus Committee
  • Chairman , Annual Magazine Committee
  • Chairman, Parent Teacher Association Committee
  • Chairman, University Exams at College Level Committee
  • Member, organisation committee for various seminars and conferences organised at the college
  • As a Resource person and Chairperson at NSS Camp and delivered guest lectures and talks

Organized Events

Sr.No. S/C/W Theme Level Year No. of Participants Total Expenditure
01 Seminar MarathwadyatilAdharbhutnSuvidhaaniAvhane State 2012 57 47500/-

Facilities Available

  1. Competitive Exam Books available in the subject Economics up to MPSC
  2. Subject Relevant News Paper Cliping.

Top Alumni

Sr. No. Name Department
1 Mr.Satav Sanjay Police Department
2 Ku. RathodManisha Vishnu Police Department
3 Mr. WaghmareSadasivLimbaji WRD Section
4 Mrs. RokdeManishaBandurao M.A.SET Assistant Prof.
5 Mr. Gore SubhashManikrao M.A. M. Phil.
6 Mrs. KhupseArtiShankarrao Assistant SBI

Student Enrichment Programmes

  1. Special ICT based Lectures, Video Show on Union Budget 2018-2019
  2. Wall magazine publication
  3. Open-Book Examiniation
  4. Guest Lecture On GST

Teaching methods

Sr. No. Faculty Teaching Methods
01 Dr. S. C. Mehetre Lecture
Group Discussion
02 Mr. Rathod B. S. Lecture
Group Discussion

Future plans of the department.

 1)   The department has prepared its   road map for Introduce P.G. in Economics

 2) To take initiatives for UGC- Major Research Projects.

 3) To organize   National conferences/ seminars on emerging issues.

 4) To provide skill development workshops to enhance employability of students.


Sr.No. Class Semester Paper No. Paper Title
1 B.A.F.Y. Sem. I Paper-I Micro-Economics
Paper-II Co-Operation
2 B.A.F.Y. II Paper-III Micro-Economics
Paper-IV Economy of Maharashtra
3 B.A.S.Y. III Paper-V Macro-Economics
Paper-VI Economics of development
4 B.A. S.Y IV Paper-VII Banking
Paper-VIII Economics of Development and Planning
5 B.A. T.Y V Paper-IX Indian Economy
Paper-X History of Economic Thoughts
Paper XI Industrial Economics
6 B.A.T.Y. VI Paper-XII Public Financ
Paper-XIII International Economics
Paper- XIV Rural Economics


Departmentals achivments :

Our Department organize a One Day Regional Level conference of Marathwada Arthshastra Parishad which is affiliated to All India Economic Association.

** Our department organize a Open –Book Examination for I, II, and III year Students