The department of Philosophy has been established in 2000. The department has only for UG level degree course. The department of Philosophy consists of two faculty members. Asst. Prof. Dr. Gyandeo Upade, Head of the department from 2003 and  he is Board of Study member Swami Ramand Teerth Maratwada University, Nanded and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar university, Aurangabad.   Mrs. Archana Arsude  at present working on CHB. Faculty Members are participated in many Conferences, Seminars and workshops.  Department contribute in research field  Minor Research Project, research Paper and  editor  of the seminar Preceding books. The department has organized two national level seminar,   as well as guest lectures, Students seminar. The departments students participated  and achieve award in competition organized by Maharshtra Tattvdnyan Parishad  . The success rate of students of the department is remarkable. The department intends to produce student of quality and dedication to participate in sustainable development of the nation. The Eminent  persons  Prin.Dr. Nagorav Kumbhar, Adv. Varsha Deshpande , Dr. Mrs. Suddha Kankrya (Social Worker)  Prin. Dr. Waman Patil, Dr. Raosaheb Kasbe ( Thinker of Ambedkari Movement)  Vice- Chancellor  Dr. Sudhir Gavane  (Y.C.M.U. Nasik)   visited  and  delivered  fruit-full  speech.

Faculty profile


Name Qualification Designation Specialization Experience Photo
Dr. G.M. Upade M.A., Ph.D. SET Head &Assistant Professor Indian Philosophy and Symbolic logic 15 Years
Mrs. A.U. Arsude M.A. Assistant Professor  

Indian Philosophy

02 Years

Research Project :

Sr. No Name of Faculty Title of Project File no. Funding agency Amount Sanctioned Status of Project Year
01 Mr. G.M. Upade Impact of Charvaka’s Ethical thoughts on the Modern Indian Social Life : A Critical Study MRP, File No. 23-3035/11 (WRO) UGC 1,00,000/ Completed 2014

Total Number of Research Paper Published:

  1. G.M.Upade = 18

Participation in Conference /Seminar/Symposia/Workshop (Year 2012-2018)

Name Regional/University workshop State National International
Dr. G.M. Upade 04 06 10 01
Mrs. A. U. Arsude.

Academic and Administrative Responsibilities

Dr. G.M. Upade

  • Chairman – Time- Table Committee
  • Member- Library Committee
  • Member of IQAC Committee
  • Member of College Development Committee
  • Director-Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Study Center, B. Raghunath college, Parbhani
  • As a Resource person, NSS Camp

Organized Events

Sr.No. S/C/W Theme Level Year No. of Participants Total Expenditure
01 Seminar Female Foeticide  : A Social Problem


National 2014    
02 Seminar Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s Contribution For Empowerment of Deprived Classes ”


National 2016    

Facilities Available


  1. Ambedkar Study Center

Top Alumni

Sr. No. Name Department
1 Mr. Subhas Serkar Asst. Professor
2 Ku. Seema Chate Police Department
3 Mr. Prabhakar Barhate PRO, Nagpur
4 Mrs. Gavane  Suresh Limbaji Principal junior College
5 Mr. Kakde Ganesh Consular , Civil Hospital, Osmanabad
6 Kachave Vilas Keshavrao Consular , Civil Hospital, Aurangabad

Student Enrichment Programmes


  1. Special ICT based Lectures,
  2. Wall magazine publication
  3. Guest Lectures
  4. Tattvadnyan Abhyas Mandal


Teaching methods

Sr. No. Faculty Teaching Methods
01 Dr. G.M. Upade Lecture
Group Discussion
02 Mrs. Arsude A.U. Lecture
Group Discussion

Future plans of the department.
1) The department has prepared its   road map for Introduce P.G. in Philosophy
2) To take initiatives for UGC- Major Research Projects.
3) To organize  Maharashtra Tattvdnyan Parishad, Adhiveshan


  1. To create awareness among the Student about Philosophy.
  2. To Introduce Indian and Western Philosophy.
  3. To develop moral values in the students.
  4. To create broad approach towards life among the students.

Department Activities :

1 2012-2013 Guest Lecture Moral Values in Jain Darshan Prof. Saheb Satpute ( Hod of Philoosphy) Late S.S.Mundhe College,Gangakhed Lecture on 22.09.2012
2 2013-2014 National Seminar  ” Female Foeticide: A Social Problem  “ UGC Sponsored One day National Seminar on                 Adv. Varsha Deshpande            Dr. Sudha Kankarya 12.03.2014
3 2014-2015 Participation in Essay Competition Essay Competition Maharashtra Tattavdyan parisd 31st Adhivesn at Nanded.  Student ku.ShindeMunjusha   (B.A.F.Y.)get third prize in this essay Competition 24.01.2015
4 News Paper Cutting Poster Publication The Department Publish a ” Mulye  Mimansa” News Paper Cutting Poster Published   Guest : Dr. M.F.Rauirahe,                  Prin. Dr. V.Y. Sonwane 17.02.2015
5 2015-2016 B.A.T.Y. Students Seminar B.A.T.Y. Students Seminar B.A.T.Y. Students Seminar on “ Invalidity ” in Symbolic Logic 22.01.2016
6 2016-2017 National Seminar National Seminar Orgainzed Two day National level Seminar on  ” Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Contribution for Empowerment of Deprived Classes 02-03/10/2016
7 Wallpaper Publication The Department Published                 ” Tattav Mimansa”    Guest:   Dr. Nagorao Kumbhar,            Dr. Sudhir Gavhane / Adv. Ashok Soni 02.10.2016
8 B.A.T.Y. Students Seminar Symbolic Logic B.A.T.Y. Students Seminar on “ Proposition Function ” in Symbolic Logic 10.03.2017
9 2017-18 Tattvdyanan Abhyas Mandal Importance of Philosophy in Human Life Chief Guest                            Prof. D.T. Madje 16.9.2017
10 B.A.F.Y. Students Seminar General Psychology B.A.F.Y. Students Seminar on “ Basic Concept in General Psychology 19.9.2017
11 B.A.S.Y. Students Seminar ” Roll of Yoga in Human Life “ B.A.S.Y. Students Seminar in Skill Enhancement Course, 22.9.2017


Paper title :

Sr. No. Class Semester Paper No. Name of Paper
1 B.A.F.Y I I Ethics
II General Psychology
2 B.A.F.Y II III Professional Ethics
IV Social Psychology
3 B.A.S.Y III V Inductive Logic
VI Greek Philosophy
4 B.A.S.Y IV VII Research Methodology
VIII History of western Philosophy
5 B.A.T.Y V IX History of Indian Philosophy
X Symbolic Logic
XI Modern Philosophical Trends
6 B.A.T.Y VI XII History of Indian Philosophy
XIII Symbolic Logic
XIV Modern Philosophical Trends


Departments Achievements :

  1. Board of Study member of Philosophy in Dr.B,A,M,U,, Aurangabad.
  2. Board of Study member of Philosophy in S.R.T.M.U. Nanded
  3. Organized one day National level seminar on ‘ female foeticide : A social Problem’
  4. Organized one day National level Seminar on “ Babasaheb Ambedkar Contribution For Empowerment of Deprived Classes ”
  5. Director, Babasaheb Ambedkar Study Center
  6. Best College Teacher Award year 2015
  7. Appointed   as office bearer of  “Maharashtra Tattavdyanan Parishad”