Departmental Overviews :

Department of History is a reknown department for academic excellence and activities .the department has qualified faculty members. the  faculty members are actively engaged in research activity and participated in various seminars, Conferences to update their subject knowledge. The department run UGC  has received funds from UGC for minor Research Projects complected . The Department had organized successfully One  National Conference & one National  level Seminar

Intake Capacity :

The intake Capacity for B.A. First Year Second Year And Third Year in the Subject History is 24

Departmental activities :

Wall Paper Publication Use Of ICT Organization of Seminar, Conferences and Projects ,Wall Paper

Faculty Profile :

Name Qualification Designation Specialization No. of Years of Experience Photo
Dr. Mrs.Barhate S.C M.A, M.Phil., Ph.D. Head & Assistant Professor History of ancient Indian 15 years
Mr. Khandare A.R M.A., M.Phil. Assistant Professor History of Modern India 02 Years

Research projects

Sr. No Name            of Faculty Title of Project File No. Funding Agency Amount Sanctioned Status of Project Year
1 Dr. S.C.Barhate Marathwadyatil Charmkar Samajache Sanskrutik Adhayan F.No. 23-2707/11(WO)

Dt. 25/01/2012



45,000/- Completed 2014

Total Number of Research Paper Published:

  1.   S.C.Barhate = 13
  2. R.Khandare    = 01

Participation in Conference /Seminar/Symposia/Workshop (Year 2012-2018)

Name Regional/University State National International
Dr. S.C.Barhate 01 05 10 01
A.R.Khandare —- —- 02 —-

Academic and Administrative Responsibilities

Dr. S.C.Barhate:

  • Member, D C Committee
  •  Member, Internal Squad Committee
  • Member, N S S Committee
  • Member, organization committee for various seminars and conferences organized     at the college
  • As a Resource person and Chairperson at conference/seminar and delivered guest lectures and talks

Papers Offered by the Department (UG Level) :

Sr.No. Class Semester Paper No. Paper Title
1 B.A.FY Sem. I Paper-I History of Ancient India
Paper-II  History of South India
2 B.A.FY II Paper-III History of Ancient India
Paper-IV History of South India
3 B.A.SY III Paper-V History of Maratha
Paper-VI History of British India
4 B.A.SY IV Paper-VII History of Maratha
Paper-VIII History of British India
5 B.A.TY V Paper-IX History of Marathwada
Paper-X Socio-Religious Reform Movement In India
Paper-XI History of Modern Maharashtra
6 B.A.TY VI Paper-XII History of Marathwada
Paper-XIII Socio-Religious Reform  Movement  in india
Paper-XIV History of Modern Maharashtra


As a Resource person and Chairperson delivered guest lectures

Seminars/ Conferences/Workshops organized

Sr.No. S/C/W Theme Level Period No.of Participants Total Expenditure
01 Conference Feminist Historiography and  Changing Trends National 12&13,janua 2016 75 1,00000/-
02 Seminar Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Contribution for Empowerment of Deprived Classes National 2&.3Oct 2016 70 50,000/-

Top Alumni

Sr. No. Name Department
1 Waghamare Vishal Sudhakarrao Maharashtra Police
2   Dhage Raghunath Dattarao Maharashtra Police
3 Samir Shaikh Sr. Cleark Mantralya Mumbai
4 Ku. Rokade Manisha Asst  Prof
5 Ku. Khupse Arti Sr. Cleark

Student Enrichment Programmes

Syllabus related topics organized seminar.

To celebrate Netaji SubhaschandraBose Jayanti

Teaching methods

Sr. No. Faculty Teaching Methods
01 Dr. S.C.Barhate Lecture
Group Discussion & Seminars
Power point Presentation
02 A.R. Khandare Lecture
Power point Presentation
Group Discussion & Seminars

Future plans of the department

1) To arrange study tours to Historical places.
2) To develop the departmental library.
3) To arrange guest lectures, seminars.

Conference and Seminar

Departmentals achivments :

  1. Selection for member of marathwada Itihas Parishad Aurangabad (2016-2019)
  2. National Level Workshop in Suryabhanji Pawar college Purna Attend the Guest person 12Aug 2017


Special Cases :

List the eminent persons visited to your department in details.

Sr.No. NAME OF PERSON Designation Subject Date
01 Dr. Madam Mardikar Sirn. Historian History of modern  India 09Oct 2012
02 Dr.  Anil Singare   BOS SRTMU Nanded  Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Movement in India
03 Prof. M.R. Patil Sirn. Historian History of Marathwada
04 Dr. Mrs. Sharda Bande Princ. Suryabhanji pawar College Purna History of Feminism
05 Dr. Sandesh Wagh Mumbai University Feminism Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar 12/01/2016
06 Dr. Vitthal Ghule Prin. Rajshree Shahu College,Parbhani   Feminism and mahatma phule 12/01/2016
07 Dr. Kishor Gaaikwad Mumbai Universitsy Origin of Feminist Historiography 12/01/2016
08 Dr. Nitin Bavale HOD of  History  Deptf. Saharadan College Parbhani Feminist thoughts  and social change 13/01/2016
09   Dr.Vijay Kulkarni  Princ. Dhuna Maraj Collge Deghlukar Feminism and Woman Involvement in policy making 13\01\2016
10 Dr.Rambhau Mutkule BOS SRTMU Nanded Feminism in India 13/01/2016
11 Dr.Anil Kathare Chairman  BOS SRTMU Nanded Ambedkar’s History and  future Vision 02/10/2016
12 Dr. Nagorao Kumbar Sinr. Thinkar Ambedkar Philosophy and its Future 02/10/2016
13 Dr. Sudhir Ghavane Former V.c.YCMOU Nashik, HOD Dept of Jurnilisim Ambedkar &Human Right 03/10/2016
14 Dr. Anant Rahut Peoples College Nanded Ambedkar & Indian Constitutions 03/10/2016
15 Dr. Vitthal Ghule Prin. Rajshree Shahu College,Parbhani Ambedkar & Democracy 03/10/2016