Grievance Redressal Cell

To manage and offer resolution to the grievances of students following committee members always work for the teaching learning friendly atmosphere in the college:

Students Grievances Redressal

Principal will act as Chairman Chairman
Dr.Haibatkar M.C. Member
Dr.Mrs.Deshpande A.R. Member
Dr.Vaidya S.L. Member



Women Grievance Cell

As an innovative practice, the Institution has established Women’s Grievance Cell with the objectives of redressing the grievances of the students and the staff, of any sort related to women. In 1997, the Supreme Court in Vishakha and others vs. State of Rajasthan, recognized and addressed the issue of sexual harassment at the workplace. The judgment created mandatory sexual harassment prevention guidelines for the workplace, applicable all over India. The knowledge and information about it can lead to a workplace free of sexual harassment for all persons. Sexual harassment injects the most demeaning sexual stereotypes into the general work environment and always represents an intentional assault on a person’s innermost privacy. Read more