Competitive Examination

Competitive examination center is one of the important center of B. Rathunath college. The goal of the center is create awareness and interest among students about civil services. The center has been conducting coaching program for civil services examination for all student, eminent scholars and faculties form various filed were invited to guide and motivate the student. The college provides reading room and books on competitive examination as on date more than 942 books of different examination are available in the center library.


List of Eminent Persons Visited

Sr. No Date Name of the Resource Person Designation Name of the Topics
01 21/11/2012 Kendare Padmakar Dy.CEO ZP Preparation of UPSC
02 09/08/2013 Sakharam Mandevgade Tahsildar Preparation of Interview
03 09/08/2013 Keshor ghodke Ext. Officer ZP Nature of examination
04 13/09/2014 Sandip Gavit Dy. SP Preparation of Competitive Examination
05 13/09/2014 Balasaheb Gitte PSI Preparation of Competitive Examination
06 08/01/2015 Arvind Mundhe Executive Office Preparation of MPSC Mains
07 08/01/2015 Abhijeet Vaykos Executive Office Prelim examination Preparation
08 12/08/2016 Jadhav M.C PSI Preparation of Interview
09 12/08/2016 KaZi A.M PSI Nature of MPSC
10 12/08/2016 Jadish Kanade Director Kanade Academy Changing Nature of UPSC
11 23/09/2016 Kirit Trivedi Chief Manager SBI Pune Career in Banking

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